Business Analysis Questions

1) Do you feel your personnel are properly placed per their skills and abilities and the organization’s needs?

2) Does your company or business follow a written down organized marketing campaign?

3) Have you built up a big healthy reserver fund that is there to handle any situation in case of an emergency or if you need it?

4) Do you have gaps or any inefficiencies at all in the scheduling of the jobs or cases you are working on for your production.

5) Do you ever get bad reviews or bad references from your clients, customers or the community?

6) Are you working on an organized plan for networking in the field with potential business partners or referral sources.

7) Do you have a written down or published Mission Statement for your business that your staff can see, agree with and follow?

8) Do the benefits of running your company strongly outweigh the setbacks or problems or difficulties?

9) Do you feel that you need no further education in business, either that you know everything or
there is nothing else to know?

10) Do you have trouble finding the right personnel?

11) Do you have a company website fully set up with SEO and advertized on Google, social media sites etc.?

12) Would you say that your accounts receivables are decreasing on a regular basis?

13) Do any of the jobs or cases you are working on go on past the expected length of time predicted to do the job in the first place?

14) Do you have an exact system in place for quality review and control to catch problems with clients and staff before they happen?

15) Do you sponsor any community groups or activities in your area to get your name out there for potential business?

16) Are you taking daily management time at the beginning of each day to plan your activities rather than just walking in the office and reacting to the daily affairs as they arise?

17) Do you wish you could spend more time with your family than you are doing right now because of the business?

18) Are you already a great manager?

19) Do all the positions in your office have job descriptions written up for those positions for new and existing employees?

20) Do you publish company or office newsletters for your clients and send them out monthly?

21) Are customers signing up, promptly given receipts, signed contracts, etc as soon as the job is closed.

22) Does any of your staff not schedule clients in a perfectly ideal manner that sets up for stress free production.

23) Do you provide clients or customers with feedback surveys on the service after completions before they leave your office?

24) Do you have a program operating on a regular basis to broadly advertise your business to bring in new customers?

25) Do you make sure you always give your staff written orders and have a system to keep a record of them so that compliance can be chased up?

26) Do you feel there is some other influence or person affecting your company that is out of your control?

27) Do you sometimes think that there are “fakes” out there who pretend to tell you how to run your business only to take advantage of you?

28) Do you keep your staff on a continuous training program upgrading their skills and job worth?

29) Do you promote e-books or company webinars to let your public hear and get a feel for your product?

30) Is your income banked and fully accounted for on a daily basis?

31) Are your customers or clients fully educated on the services they are being provided which means they do not come back with questions or problems?

32) Do you have a training/correction system in place for staff to help improve upon their production.

33) Are you holding low cost seminars, webinars, or other means of demonstrating your product in a general basis to interest potential clients?

34) Are the number of people in your company directly reporting to you greater than five people?

35) Do you feel there is some other influence or person affecting your company that is out of your control?

36) Are you suspicious of consultants, marketing people or sales people who try to sell you things?

37) Does your receptionist greet clients or customers with a happy friendly smile?

38) Do you stay in touch with existing clients and try to interest them in repeat business?

39) Do you have an accurate financial planning system that keeps you informed and lets you know exactly where you stand at any time you wish?

40) Do you feel that your company is running into job-delivery difficulties at all, that is affecting expansion?

41) Have you sat down with your staff and worked out what they need training-wise to take their skills to the next level for your company?

42) Would you say that the amount of new clients coming into your business is increasing on a rapid rate?

43) Do you watch your statistics on a weekly basis and take action on both graphs that uptrend sharply or downtrend sharply?

44) Do you find yourself getting ill or having physical problems sometimes, that get in the way of your job?

45) Do you feel that there is nothing that can be done to help your business?

46) Would you say that people calling into your company are swiftly put through to your staff to be looked after with no waiting period at all?

47) Are you or your sales staff lacking at all in any way on having great presentation skills to present and sell your company’s product?

48) Are your creditors kept current on a less than 30 days basis?

49) Do you keep track of how much work you are delivering on a weekly or monthly basis?

50) Do you feel that your staff are happy and loyal to your company and that they are wanting to stay and make a career with you?

51) Is the percentage of new clients signing up after an introductory seminar higher than 80 percent?

52) Is your company or business operating on a general written down program designed to handle expansion and take it to the next level.

53) Would you say that you can be accident prone at all?

54) Have you tried many business solutions only to find them "not workable"?

55) Do you have a large mail volume coming and going from your office?

56) Would you sy the closing percentage of your companys salesmen is above the 80 percent mark?

57) Do you have files kept current to audit a bill owed to a creditor at any time you wish?

58) Does the job-costing-profit-ratio for your company need to be fixed or addressed in some way?

59) Are your customers happily lining up for repeat business on a regular basis?

60) Do you have a program in place to help get existing clients to refer new clients to your business?

61) Is your business or company engaged in any legal proceedings where you are required to defend your position?

62) Are you able to leave your job at the end of the day and not have your attention on it or any parts of it?

63) Would you prefer to just trust your own judgement rather than take business advice from an external source?

64) Are you able to swiftly carry out staff discipline and get staff situations fully handled?

65) Do you keep full client record files, that includes the full communication from you to the client and all services they have taken from you?

66) Are you experiencing financial stress?

67) Are clients or customers always happy with the service and the job on completion of the service?

68) Are any and all problems or difficulties with clients or customers addressed thoroughly and swiftly so that those clients are fully happy and could give you a good recommendation?

69) Are existing clients reluctant to send other people to your company?

70) Do your staff always carry out your orders?

71) Do you spend much time worrying about your business or company?

72) When somebody tries to sell you something, do you consider yourself a hard sell?

73) Do you tend to .look the other way. when you see staff being non productive rather than facing the situation head on.

74) Do you or your sales staff feel uneasy or concerned about client complaints when they are presenting services to clients?

75) Do you have accurate records of all the equipment and supplies the business owns at all times?

76) Would you say that you have at least a 95% success rate with your customers or clients you are servicing?

77) Do you have a business library containing all the training materials you need for your staff to get them fully and properly trained?

78) Do you provide a forum for existing clients to talk to others about your services?

79) Are there executives or people in positions in your company or business who give orders that are counter to the directions you want the company to operate on?

80) Are you finding yourself feeling blocked or stopped a lot when you are trying to get solutions to your business or office?

81) Are there only a few people whom you go to for advice if any?

82) Does your staff adhere to a strict daily schedule for production as opposed to being late or being on a .make your own schedule.

83) Would you say that the company income is uptrending in an ever increasing manner right now?

84) Do you have an exact system to inventory supplies and to hold staff accountable for the usage and ordering of it?

85) Do you ever have to go back and fix something for the customer or client that should have been caught before?

86) Do your staff adhere to a strict training schedule on a regular basis to upgrade their skills?

87) Do you have bad press or negative complaints about your business either in the news or on the internet or in reviews?

88) Do you consider yourself to be an extremely strong leader?

89) Do you find you emotionally go up and down or have mood swings as opposed to being on an even keel?

90) Do you feel there is any value in learning a principle in business over and over again?

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